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Divorce is complex and the process can be very intimidating. Call me personally so that I may help you through this difficult time.

The Divorce Project | Beverly Hills Family Law Attorney

Welcome to The Divorce Project.  The Divorce Project is a series of videos by leading Beverly Hills Certified Family Law Specialist Barry Fischer. Whether you are searching for information regarding beginning the divorce process, general divorce facts, spousal support, child custody and visitation, or child support, the videos contained on this website provide answers to a myriad of questions. A skilled lawyer who possesses almost 30 years' experience providing the highest quality legal representation to individuals in Family Law cases, Mr. Fischer has successfully represented countless clients in complex, high-dollar Divorce & Family Law proceedings.

Beverly Hills Family Law Specialist Barry Fischer - The Divorce Project Videos 

The Divorce Project covers topics which are typically of the highest concern to Mr. Fischer's Family Law clients. Please click on links for information regarding the following topics:
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